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What Is Coaching

My approach to coaching always starts like this …

“You don’t choose how you’re going to die or when. You can only decide how you’re going to live!”
The aim of coaching is to help guide and support the client to realize their full potential and achieve success in either or both their personal or business life. This can be done through different and various ways to create a balance between all the aspects of an individual’s life. To help and support them to create ambitions, device goals or actions plans and motive, inspire and challenge them through a new way of thinking.

It’s Your Decision – Get a Coach …

I always start coaching and interviewing a client with informing them that they are here with me as they choose to identify and change something in their lives, and that change is possible through coaching. I also assure them that this is a confidential, non-judgemental, impartial and completely personalised structure that enables them to achieve more than they would on their own.

Do You Keep Asking Yourself These Questions

  • Am I enduring or enjoying my personal and/or professional life?
  • When was the last time someone listened to me without a hidden agenda?
  • When did I work with somebody whose only interest was my life, my success and my wellbeing?
  • Am I looking to make a change in my life, in terms of success, career or relationships?
  • Do I want to meet life’s challenges with confidence?
  • Do I want to develop or improve my time and self-management? And even my money management?
  • What personal and professional opportunities am I not making the most of right now?
  • Who is in charge of my life?
  • What is important in my life?

So … Why All These Questions

To give you an idea about coaching and show you that coaching is first and foremost about You, You and You. My motto is: “The sessions are always about you and your life”.

As one of my clients said; “A coach is your partner in supporting you to change something or some parts of your life in getting the life you want. Your coach will be asking inspirational, challenging and motivational questions in order for you to reach bigger and higher goals whether they are personal or professional.”

Your goals can vary from giving up smoking, keeping fit, starting a healthy lifestyle, improving your relationships, improving your time or self-management, creating a financial stability, getting ready for an interview from preparing to rehearsing for a presentation, overcoming situations like when being made redundant, to starting your own business or even getting your business strategy to a different level.

Who Uses a Coach?

You will be surprised that most people using a coach are actually people who are really successful in their lives as they have seen the effect of coaching hence why most C.E.O.’s have their personal coaches and many big companies have their own in-house coaches. People who want more success in their life are generally those using a coach including:

  • People who want to use their full potential
  • People who want to focus on themselves
  • People who want more from life and work
  • People who are in business and who want to get their business on a higher level and faster
  • People working on specific goals and want support in achieving those
  • People wanting to create a balance between life and work

Why Coaching Is So Effective?

I can help you reach new levels of success: achieve your inner goals and aspirations, discover the peace of being in control of your life with a coaching as it is consistent, hence why the effectiveness of coaching.

Your weekly coaching sessions give you the opportunity to step out of your normal routine, switch off from work and other commitments and with your highly qualified coach focus on yourself, assessing the most important aspects of your life.

What to Expect?

Coaching offers you a platform where you can talk about your new ideas, thoughts, fears, problems, dilemmas, issues, wins, goods, goals, feelings, emotions and anything that you would like to talk about or express.

How Does Coaching Differ From …


Is much more focussed on overcoming problems and tends to look at the past rather than the future. Often, therapy will focus on a single aspect of the client and work solely on producing improvements in that area.


Similar to therapy will look at the past to try to formulate a specific solution to a particular problem. Unlike counselling, my role is primarily present-orientated. I will have to come to have an understanding of how the client’s past has shaped their present, but the focus of life coaching is on where they are now and where they are aiming to be in the future. Unlike counselling, coaching is for those who are moving forward from a reasonable stable base. So it’s not appropriate for example for mentally ill, those in crises, substance misuse or history of abuse.

teaching or training

I have to remember that teaching and training is about transferring skills or knowledge to others. My role as a coach is go to guide the client to clarify their own desires, to create their own compelling and achievable realistic and personal goals and to build and maintain motivation and focus through different canals such as support and ongoing check upon the clients achievements.


Is generally about looking at particular work-related issues, they usually gather data, analyse functions and quantify requirements, to support proposals designed to create operational or structural change. Unlike coaches their focus is generally on resolving particular issues. My role is to adopt a totally different approach: one where people and personality are paramount and where changes sought are at a personal, psychological level.


Is also very different from coaching even though these are very much and frequently confused. Unlike coaching a mentor will generally be there to help someone to learn a particular task or to acquire a specific skill-set.

Why Could You Use a Coach?

If you answered yes to any of the questions under ‘do you keep asking yourself these questions?’ the reason why you could use a coach is answered below …

Is This How You Would Really Like to Feel???

  • “I am enjoying my personal and professional life”
  • “I feel listened to”
  • “I feel my life and wellbeing are valued, not only by others but also by myself”
  • “I have made a change in my life, and I am successful in my career and relationships with others”
  • “I am confident and embrace life’s changes positively”
  • “I am very effective and self disciplined hence why I am in control of my finances”
  • “I seize all opportunities to insure my life is full of potential”
  • “I am in charge of my life and I am important!”

Do you really want to say these affirmations, switch off from life’s distractions, interruptions, stress and information overload then contact me for pro-active and positive support …

Why Choose Us As Your Coach?

“I love seeing people change, that’s this is possible, that they can do it, and that they are in charge no matter what and see them happier after each session. I love supporting them to focus on themselves and discovering and using their innate potential …”